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Apr 30, 2000
Oshkosh, WI
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  1. Optometrist
It is clear why I like the field, my dad being an OD, but why do you all want to go in to it? What spark the flame of interest?


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Sep 18, 2002
Texas, USA
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The desire to provide primary eye care without the surgery and the strong probability of not having to work in a hospital setting satisfies both of my career desires as a medical practitioner.


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Jun 3, 2001
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lets face it, optometry is a GREAT profession! I feel like its a hidden gem...shhhhhhh;) in no particular order:

relatively low stress easy job.

get to work with people in health care but not have to deal with life and death, again low stress

TIME to have a family life, no on-call hrs or pagers usually, just a 9-5 job, 40 or so hrs a week, i can be a husband and father "first" and THEN a dr.

you make plenty of $$, no not as much as a plastic surgeon, but plenty to live a better than average life

job that isnt going to disappear someday, people will always need glasses and primary eyecare, LASIK or no LASIK

that great moment when someone can see clearly for the first time

the eye is an amazing human organ! nothing better than looking in the back of one of those bad-boys! :D :D

cool technology in the field

plenty of respect from the community. some mds and random people would rather see a "real" doc, but thats their prob not mine;)

i find it interesting

i thought about medicine for awhile, but all these pros of opt lured me in. its just a great job and i find it interesting a very rewarding!!! :clap:

but remember, keep it a secret....shhhhhhhhhh:)
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Jul 27, 2001
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Yeah, they'll always need primary eye care...but geeze I hope people don't always need glasses! Like I hope they don't always get cavities. Medicine does need to actually cure people every once in a while.
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