Why is there more data on this cycle's interview tracker than last cycle's?


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Aug 17, 2018
There is a very high chance that I'm overthinking this but I wanted to ask anyway.

This cycle's interview tracker seems to be on track to have more data than last year's. For example, UCLA, Pritzker, and SKMC all have about 20 or so entries. On last year's tracker, these schools have about 20 entries....after the whole cycle. And it's barely mid August during a delayed cycle.

Was this year's tracker better promoted than last year's? Maybe more people are home obsessing over online forums because of disrupted gap year plans? Are there just more invites going out? I know that no one really knows... But I guess I wanted to try and contextualize this year's data with last year's data somehow
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it's probably bc more people know about the tracker this cycle, so there are going to be more entries if more people know about it
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Dec 23, 2016
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Last year's tracker wasn't posted until 8/2. I also think people have more anxiety about interviews this cycle since they're delayed from COVID.
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