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May 26, 2002
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Why is there no forum for MSTP'ers? (MD/PhD)

You'd think that since they spend 8 years getting their degree that there would a special forum just for MSTPer's.

Does anyone know about this?
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Aug 23, 2001
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True, but it was here before the overhaul. Brando campaigned hard for it during the school year, i think --Trek


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Aug 24, 2001
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I think is asking for a forum just for people who are currently in MD/PHD's at med schools. I personally think that is a bad idea because it will suck off 1 of the 5 people who post in the allopathic forum.


and it will be like a public chat room - there are only about 2.5 regularly posting md/phders - plus they should be concentrating on us pipsqueaks in the pre forum.:D


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Jun 4, 2001
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Originally posted by oldman

Remember it's separate but equal!

Nothing is preventing you from posting in whatever forum you want. :p ;)

I think a forum for current MD/PhD students makes sense, although I'd imagine that the post totals might be rather dismal. On the other hand, it could provide a location for good information for current students.

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