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I know this is a huge question in interviews and secondary applications....why THIS school? Well, I can imagine it would be difficult to give an original answer for however many schools (probably 20+ middle range schools for me) in essays and interviews and such and attempt not to sound trite. So I was wondering what were some of the kinds of things you said to answer that question? Or what kinds of things some of you looked for in or struck you about a certain school? Thanks.


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In general, I chose to apply to a school where something stood out (like the elective during the preclinical year at Mt. Sinai, which allows you to explore a speciality you might be thinking about; the research time at Yale; the very urban medicine at a place like Temple, etc.). So, when it came time to answer that question, I'd focus on those things.

The schools I applied to just to apply to them (Yale was a great example of this), I didn't do very well with. I guess I'm not good at BSing true interest.

The big thing is, go through their literature and listen to what they're telling you about their school. If the school says, "Kind and compationate physicians" everywhere, well, you want to speak to that. If the school is all about world class research, speak to that. And so on.

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