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Why UHS or why KCOM?

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by PaulB, Mar 4, 1999.

  1. PaulB

    PaulB Junior Member

    Nov 16, 1998
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    I am fortunate enough to be able to choose between attending KCOM and UHS and I'm intereseted in anyone's reasons for choosing one over the other. Thanks!

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  3. summerb

    summerb Member
    10+ Year Member

    Mar 7, 1999
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    I think the decision comes down to what locations mesh with your personality better. I felt that the qualities of the schools were pretty much tied: both had wonderful facilities, both had a friendly and personable faculty and student body, both had great scores on the board exams, both are well established, etc. I had to make my decision based on the fact that my boyfriend is moving out with me and would need to get a job. Kirksville is not the land of opportunity for accountants, and I loved Kansas City because I like having museums and theatres and dancing close by. But if you don't have anyone else to worry about, and you love the small town atmosphere, then Kirksville is a great place.
    You'll get a wonderful education at either of your 2 choices. Now it's time to choose which one compliments your personality better in terms of satisfying you when you take time off from studying. Good luck in your decision making, and if you choose UHS, I'll see you next fall.

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