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Will certificate program enrollment help chances for MPH admittance?


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Oct 26, 2011
    Hi all,

    I am a prospective applicant for fall 2012 MPH programs in community health education or behavioral and social sciences. I am nearly two years out of undergrad, but have spent the last 16 months teaching English abroad. I have an undergrad GPA of nearly 3.1 in psychology and public health. Currently, I am enrolled in a graduate certificate program in public health core concepts at the U of MN.

    Since gaining relevant public health experience is difficult working in a country where a very small number of people speak English, I chose to enroll in the certificate program to demonstrate my continued interest.
    I have not taken the GRE yet, but I'll be doing so in mid November. I am not entirely confident in my ability to get a 'great' score, but I expect to be around 1100 or so.

    I hope to apply to UMN, UT Houston, U Arizona, and GWU. Anyone have any thoughts on being enrolled in the certificate program? In my completed coursework, I have maintained good marks.

    cheers and thanks : )


    Full Member
    Aug 19, 2010
    1. Other Health Professions Student
      I attend UT-Houston and my experience based on what I've witnessed is that whether or not this helps you get admitted has everything to do with your grades while you are a certificate student. Some students enter the certificate program and fail courses. Obviously they won't be high on the list for program admission any time soon. Students who make A's & B's in their certificate classes will likely easily be admitted especially at UT because in our program many of of our courses beyond the core are non graded aka pass/fail. If you have finished most of your graded courses already there is no reason to believe you wouldn't pass the non graded courses which are usually easier.
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