Withdraw EDP application from low-yield school in the mid-west?

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Mar 3, 2019
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I'm an american citizen with an undergraduate degree from a well regarded university outside of North America. Given that few schools will accept my undergraduate prerequisites I decided to apply early decision to a notoriously low yield school in that accepts foreign transcripts evaluated by WES. My reasoning for doing so being that in the best case, I'll be able to avoid the financial and personal unpleasantness of redoing 30+ undergraduate credits, and in the worst (and more probable) case I will be able to start prerequisites in October and have enough time to finish them in time for the 2020-2021 cycle. I'm a non trad (started undergrad when I was 23 after serving in the military) My Lizzy M is 75.6 and the median for acceptance at the school is just under 70. I have hundreds of hours of clinical volunteer and paid research experience from overseas, but my U.S. clinical exposure is limited to about 50 hrs of shadowing.
The situation:
Although my WES Transcript evaluation was delivered on 7/10, it is still marked "awaiting" in my application checklist. So far, they haven't responded to any of the three emails I've sent on the matter. Since they haven't handled the issue yet , and with august first rapidly approaching, I'm thinking its likely they will just drop me into the regular decision pool. Given the situation, would it be wise to withdraw from the EDP ASAP and apply to a number of more competitive schools earlier on in the cycle?