Mar 22, 2010
Right now I am a freshman at the University of Dallas with a Biology major and I am greatly considering being a DPT. Last semester, I did horribly in my classes and ended up with a 2.0 GPA. This semester, however, I am managing to maintain a 3.5 GPA, and plan to attend UD next semester as well for a study-abroad program. After that, I am wondering what I should do to gear myself up for PT program.

The University of Dallas does not provide much in the field of PT, and I am wondering if I would help myself by switching to another college for my undergraduate, or if a Biology major at a liberal arts college would be enough? Should I begin work or volunteering anywhere? How can I go about doing this? What can I do over this next year or two that could be beneficial for me in the long run, considering PT school? Any advice will help. Thanks!

Mar 21, 2010
Pre-Rehab Sci [General]
Well, it is a good thing that your grades for this semester are good! That is the right start! PT schools take into account the whole body of your work during your undergrad. One bad semester won't kill you! You have plenty of time to raise your GPA up!

You should look at the admission requirements for PT schools of interest to you. Some of the classes you will need to take will be one full year of Biology, Chem, Physics (for science majors), Psychology. Admission requirements differ from school to school so you should research PT schools you would like to apply to.

You should start volunteering at PT clinics to see if you really want to go into the field. Some PT schools mandate volunteers hours at PT clinics. It is always a good idea to start early and rack up your hours. You should be working or volunteering at PT clinics regardless of the hour requirement of the PT school. Try to get as many hours as you can!

I don't think you need to transfer anywhere. PT schools accept students from non-science majors or students with other science degrees. Unless, you really want to be a Pre-PT major should you consider transferring. Just look through the requirements and make sure you include those courses with the curriculum you already have at UD. -> thats the official PT site. You might want to look around that site. -> this thread provides a list of accredited PT schools. MAKE SURE THE PT SCHOOL IS ACCREDITED!!

Best of luck to you!! ^^