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Discussion in 'General Residency Issues' started by tr, May 2, 2004.

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    Hi everybody; I posted this in the 'Europe' forum but then thought it might be more appropriate here.

    Does anyone know where I can find comparative information on a) policies towards foreign med grads, and b) resident work hours in various European countries?

    I am curious because I may want to do my residency in Europe. I am currently in med school in the US, and my boyfriend is here getting a Ph.D. He is from Ireland originally and would like to move back to Europe (not necessarily to Ireland, just doesn't like the US). I have EU citizenship as well and have previously lived and worked there, so I think from a legal standpoint we are in a reasonably good position.

    The problem is that I don't know where to begin to get information that will allow me to compare the requirements of programs in various countries. I need to know which medical systems have their doors reasonably open to US grads.

    I am also curious about resident work hours. I know that some European countries (like Ireland and I think England as well) have tight caps on work hours, which is nice. Frankly I am not at all interested in money as I have a full scholarship from my program and will graduate with no debt; but I am very interested in 'lifestyle issues' and would love it if I could find a residency that did not require me to be there 80+ hours a week. (My best preference is neuro but right now I am considering psych solely because the hours and availability for research - a primary interest of mine - are so much more reasonable, at least in the US.)

    I would love to hear from anyone with any experience or information on these issues. Thanks!
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    Both have nice schedules pretty much regardless of where you go in the world.

    I only know a little bit about European residencies. I think all of the European countries have residencies that are more benign in terms of hours. Frequently they take longer than US residencies, because you often cannot advance if there isn?t a position ready for you next year. They do NOT prepare you to work in the US - if you come back, you have to do residency all over again.
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