Working as a doctor in China

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Jan 17, 2010
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I am currently a medical student from Indonesia. I'm thinking about moving to China, i've applied Zhejiang Medical University, the MBBS program. I would like to know about working as a doctor in China. Do they earn alot of money? How much is the salary?

Thank you

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Sorry, I don't have an answer to your question, but I have a question to ask you, if you don't mind.

How much does a doctor get paid in Indonesia. (A non-specialist, dokter umum or junior doctor in the hospital. Thank you.
As far as I know as a Chinese medical students, most doctor's salary is really poor compared to their hard working. But if you are graduated from a good medical school(Zhejiang Medical University is top10 in China!) and lucky enough to enter a nice department in a big hospital, you can earn an amazing money from "drug freeback"(sorry I don't know the proper name about this "rule")
i am in china, i have gratulated 10 years, my salary is only 79990¥ one year. don't come to zhe medical college. it is the same as us.