Nov 21, 2013
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I recently just got a job offer at Von's Pharmacy in Ventura County, California. I do not really know the area, and was wondering if people can offer me some insight, that have worked for Von's before and how it is. How is the Ventura County area like? My offer doesn't state whether I am a full time employee, or if I am guaranteed hours or anything. It just says that my rate is hourly and that I get paid weekly. Does that mean I have to find my own hours? I have read on a different thread on Student Doctor that Von's pharmacists do not get technicians on the weekend, so the pharmacist basically has to do EVERYTHING (typing, filling, greeting customers, answering phones, and verifying). How true is that? Is Von's a good company to work for in terms of job security as well? Do you expect it will go out of business in California?

Anyone that has worked for Von's or any branch of it (ie, Safeway), please let me know how it was for you!


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Dec 4, 2011
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Ventura County is nice, especially depending on the area. I definitely wouldn't mind moving back to that area eventually fwiw. Certain areas are certainly nicer than others, but overall it was just a nice area.


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May 19, 2008
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I work for Safeway. Technician hours are based on the store's script count. When I was floating, sometimes I have help in the weekends, sometimes I don't. If it's a slow store, it's manageable to do it by yourself. You'll learn to juggle it. And yes, the phone will ring as soon as someone comes to both windows even though you were sitting for hour. But then, that's like any retail pharmacy.

Hours depend if you're floating or a staff pharmacist in a store. When I was floating, I got paid by the hour. Technically, you have to get at least 32 hours a week to be full time. There's a scheduler who sends out the schedule every week for the following week. Hours varied each week but I usually get close to 40 a week. There's overtime pay if you work over 40 hours. Sometimes if there's not enough hours, they might take it out of your vacation time. It never happened to me though. Also you'll get calls for last minute fill in somewhere.

As a staff, you'll get pay for 40 hours a week (because you work that much). No overtime pay if you pick up shifts at other stores though =(

I doubt Safeway will go out of business anytime soon since they are one of the bigger grocery chains. There's always rumors of it being bought out though.

All in all I like working at Safeway. Computer software is a little old but it gets the job done. And don't forget to always keep the waiting room clean...