Jan 6, 2014
Hi I am currently working at a SNF but I am looking into moving into the outpatient ortho setting. I am a relatively new PT (been a PT for almost 2 yrs now). I wanted to know what the pros and cons are of a small PT owned clinic vs hospital owned or bigger company owned facilities are. I currently have an interviews scheduled with a PT owned facility (it's a small one, only one location with 2 PTs, 2 OTs and a COTA) and one with a facility is owned by a larger corporation with multiple facilities. Will a smaller company be able to provide the same kind of benefits a big company can? I've heard that there's a tendency for poor work life balance at these bigger companies.

Looking forward to reading your input! Thanks!


7+ Year Member
Nov 4, 2010
I have never worked for a small PT clinic, but I've worked there as an intern. I've also worked, as a physical therapist, in a physician-owned practice (POP). I can't say much about pay since neither one paid me directly, but POP's have several advantages. Because they are part of a large organization, they have a consistent flow of patients because PT is only an ancillary source of income in in a POP's. The POP I worked had plenty of space, plenty of equipment, and the building was in excellent condition. I know 2 PT's who work in POP's and they are both satisfied. I loved that I could interact with the nurses in the PACU. Usually they pay better. I've known people who work at a private practice and make $60-65k/year.