Would applying 1st round for MD, along with SMP/postbacc look bad?

Jan 12, 2010
If you apply for a postbacc/SMP as a back up the same year you apply for MD(especially if to the same schools like Georgetown), would that look like a lack of confidence in your part, and make schools want to reject you since you look like you're planning to go SMP anyway? Or is it viewed as good planning?


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Feb 9, 2009
Separate applications and separate administrations. The school is not aware of you applying to both unless you tell them. Moreover, access to medical school applications that the applicant has not signed off on is illegal. If there are records you wish to share between schools they must get your permission first.


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Oct 30, 2006
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You'll be all but done with MD apps before you can even submit an SMP app.

A healthy med school app cycle starts with submitting AMCAS in June, and has secondaries completed well before the end of the summer. No way to predict when you'd get interviews, but they can be any time between July and March, maybe even April. Acceptances can come all the way into August.

A healthy SMP app cycle starts in about October, and it's considerably more convenient to do SMP apps with a completed AMCAS app in hand. Most SMPs don't do interviews, but you might get a phone call. Acceptances typically come January - August.

If you have the problem of losing an SMP deposit in favor of a med school acceptance, or losing a deposit in favor of a better school's acceptance (SMP or MD), drop to your knees and kiss the ground and sob a prayer of gratitude that this is a problem you have to deal with.

Assume that any given med school that hosts an SMP has 5000+ med school apps and 500+ SMP apps, and not enough time in the day to cross-reference.

Best of luck to you.


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Mar 18, 2008
So, I guess you could minimize the gap year by applying to an SMP/Master's early spring, and then start AMCAS in June?

At least, that's how I might approach it.