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Jun 21, 2006
Hi all,

I have a day to decide which class I want to take for summer school. I have to take at least 6 units and I am currently in a 4 unit mandatory lab course. Here are my two choices:

Take Bio 157 (course description below) which is on tues./thurs. which is on the same days as the lab.

E157 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (4) W. Lecture, three hours. Structure and evolution of the major organ systems in vertebrates, from fish to mammals. Prerequisite: Biological Sciences 94. Formerly Biological Sciences D157.

or... take some bull**** Bio class which is a PASS/NO PASS class that is on M/W/F.

HERE IS WHERE MY QUESTION IS............DO YOU GUYS ,WHO ARE IN MED SCHOOL, THINK THAT THE "comparative Vertebrate Anatomy" class might help me if I start this january at med school? read the course desc. and tell me.............

because I am not really in the mood to be thinking so much right now, I really just want to relax but then again I feel guilty. thanks

p.s. I know this is a strange post.
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