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Writing section on the MCAT


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Jun 17, 2009
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    My suggestion is to take a look at the beginnings of the sample essays with top scores in theAAMC Official Guide to the MCAT Exam.

    My score last year was a Q, which I was not very happy with considering I come from a writing intensive background.

    In my retest review, I spent a lot of time looking at the sample essays in the above book, making careful note of the stylistic techniques used in a good opening.

    DO NOT open with "The statement means..." Instead, bust out with a famous quote, marginally related example, etc.

    I did this the second time around. Although my organization and ability to stay on task with my retest on the writing was far worse, I hit an S.

    This leads me to believe that they are reading these essays so fast that the grader is forming his/her opinion in the first one or two lines.

    Work on a stylized opening and I bet you will be very happy with your results.
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