May 1, 2015
Hi guys,

One of my evaluators has requested to send a physical copy to OptomCAS. I was wondering if anyone has done this before? On its FAQ section, it is mentioned that I need to indicate the mailing address of the evaluator as well as printing off a form for the evaluator to include in the evaluation. However, I am having trouble accessing the form. Can anyone give me some instructions on this?

Thanks so much in advance!
Aug 19, 2015
Agreed. Also, I think it's unusual to send physical copies of rec letters to OptomCAS. Probably much easier on their end to receive only electronic submissions.

The form you're talking about is, I think, one with some basic questions like "How long have you known the applicant?" and ratings of attributes like trustworthiness, punctuality, etc. As far as I know, the only way to access that form is for your evaluator to click on the link in the email OptomCAS sends them.