Medical Wrong year on IA! How do I go about about this?

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Mar 22, 2021
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I was copying and pasting my AMCAS response for my non-academic IA to secondaries, and I realized I either did the math wrong or typo'd but I put 201- instead of the actual 201- incident date on my me this seems inconsequential, but I'd rather not be accused of diminishing my IA or just general falsification.

Should I email all my schools about it (if so, what might I say?)? Or is correcting it to 201- on my secondaries fine and I can clarify if it comes up (I assume I'd dislike drawing attention to the IA)? It seems so pesky/neurotic of me to bother them for this but I'm also unsure of my mistake's severity in their eyes...Thanks in advance!

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Do not address further unless it comes up on secondaries. If it comes up on secondaries, put the correct date without commenting on the discrepancy on your primary.
Well if you made the mistake on your secondaries already, don't bring it up until you get closer to an invitation to interview. A mistake on your infraction year... I don't think that's really a major issue compared to what you actually did. It may even be apparent if your academic performance totally changed as shown on your transcript according to the accurate timeline instead of the year you disclosed. So hopefully someone will ask you about it later.

I say this because you don't know how each school is going to handle your IA. It's possible it won't be viewed until prior to an offer decision so as not to bias a decision against you improperly. It's possible it will be viewed independently while the rest of the committee deliberates. So pointing out the error may upset the process that should be working to protect you.
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