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Year of Biology question


Full Member
10+ Year Member
Oct 23, 2007
  1. Resident [Any Field]

Does the one year requirement of biology with a lab have to be a year of introductory general biology? I took the first semester of introductory biology with a lab, and I don't want to take the second semester. The second semester of general biology seems to cover evolution and phylogeny. I'm a post-bacc, and I took the general biology that covers evolution and phylogeny a long time ago, although a course for non-science majors, in the past and I'd rather not have to take something like that again.

To complete my year worth of biology with lab, I'd rather take something interesting like microbiology with lab, or human physiology with lab instead.

I think the main con (if what I'm asking is possible...someone from a health professions advising comittee from my school actually advised me to do this), is trying to get into the upper division courses when I haven't satisfied the prereq's. But I've managed to convince all of my professors into letting me into their upper division biology classes so far.

So I guess the shortened version of my question is...

Do I have to take introductory general biology with a lab to complete the 1 year of biology requirement? Or can I mix and match the biology courses (which include the lab) so I can take a more interesting course?
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Desert Nomad
10+ Year Member
Jun 11, 2008
  1. Medical Student
Courses such as Human Physiology, Human Anatomy, and microbiology are usually considered advanced biology courses and will count toward general biology credit. I had this same issue because I only took one semester of intro bio with lab but had the year requirement waived because I took all of the above mentioned classes. Definitely take physiology because it is fascinating and will help you on the MCAT.

I also recommend courses in biopsychology and developmental biopsychology. On my AMCAS, they were counted in my BCPM GPA as biology courses.
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