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Mar 28, 2002
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I think everyone should take at least a year off, but that's just my opinion. ;)

I took 2 years off and did clinical research at my undergrad. Got lots non-bench research experience, got published, got to present at a national conference, and learned a lot of stuff that is really, really helping me out now in med school even though I thought it was useless at the time. I was a bio major in undergrad, too. One of the best places to look for jobs for a year off is at your local university, especially if there's a hospital or medical school attached to the university. I had lots of friends who worked in jobs similar to mine for 1-2 years after graduation. The P.I.s all knew that the job was a stepping stone to med school, and had no problems with us only being there a short time. Taking 2 years off before med school was the best thing I could have done to get myself ready for school.


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Apr 9, 2004
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i think taking a year off is an excellent idea...
im teaching biology at a high school and im having an incredible time...between teaching, coaching, sponsoring an after school club, and going on field trips almost every other week, im having a blast this year and making some decent money...

i have a BS in microbiology...and taking a year off DEFINATELY helped my application/interview process...

do anything you want to or that interests you...do what YOU want to do, not what med schools want you to do...have fun...just try to keep it science/communitty related so you are not too far off the medical track

good luck


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Oct 17, 2003
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I am at the end of my first year off after having reapplied and it looks like ill be doing a second year, which doesnt really bother me i guess.. I worked as a permenant sub this year, which was basically the same as a teacher (alg 8th grade) but it didnt pay so great cuz i wasnt certified... AND for some reason i think that med schools didnt really love it as a job, even though it was in an udnerserved area, and i really liked what i was doing, i feel like i need to do something different this year, but i hate the idea of research or postbacc, im an EMT so maybe ill do that in a hosp.. but im looking for other interesting jobs that would look good for school. I know that i am a reapplier, which is different than voluntarily taking ayear off, but i think the this time might do the trick (3.6 28) if i can find something that looks good and isnt a nightmare
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