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yet another application cycle bites the dust

Discussion in 'Re-Applicants [ MD / DO ]' started by mommy2three, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. mommy2three

    mommy2three PGY-1
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    Dec 13, 2005
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    and i have nary an acceptance letter in hand :(
    this just plain sucks. :(
    okay the first time around my main problem was applying to east coast schools with under a 30 mcat...ha yeah like this midwestern gal was getting in there.
    but this year i have discovered some thing. i knew i was a long shot with what happened at the smp at franklin last year and having a grad gpa of 2.88, and indeed it was an issue. no i did not fail a class i passed them all but when you put me against someone coming from a traditional grad school who would have had a higher gpa i was at a disadvantage....i knew it needed to be above a 3.0. and then apparently my volunteer experience was a problem. i worked as a volunteer with a womens and childrens shelter as an on call advocate who repleid to hospitals for cases of domestic violence and sexual assault. apparently i found out this year from an admission rep i talked with about what i could do to improve my chances next year that although this was semi related medically wise they did not view it the same as if i had volunteered at the hospital itself.
    so i have taken steps to remedy these two things this year. i have been taking grad classes and after this semester will have my gpa above a 30 grad wise...so one obstacle out of the way. i also started volunteering recently at the local hospital so the other obstacle out of the way.
    i am thinking i may take kaplan up on their offer to come back and teach starting this summer...so that would be yet anotehr change to my application.
    the only question is whether or not i retake the mcat again. my most recent score (which would all that would count since the first time i took it was three years ago and was only good for this past application cycle) was 28 P (12B 10V 8P). i think if i concentrated on just teh physical sciences i could get that up a few points and i could manage at least a 30 if i took it again but i have to weight that against it being the third time an whatever that score was or would be is/would be it. i am unsure about the computer version though as i have no experience with that yet.
    as scarlett ohara would say..."tomorrow is another day"
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  2. ToGodALLGlory

    ToGodALLGlory Junior Member
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    Jun 2, 2006
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    I hear you...I so hear you. Keep your head up and keep plugging away at those "deficiencies". I have called a few schools to ask what I can do to improve and was able to eliminate a lot of variables (i.e. they said my letters of rec were "fantastic" (from community college) and experience "extensive" so I could rule those out). I have been improving my GPA throughout the year and tried to take the darn Jan MCAT. I've heard from an ADCOM that doing such things illustrates perseverance and determination that will help you see the medical degree through, where other applicants can only state how determined they are if they have no life experiences to illustrate it. Also, on the subject of retakes, I have taken it 3 times (long story) but an ADCOM told me to take it a 4th as I am certain I will raise it. He was a really nice guy and said the amount of times taking it becomes irrelevant if the score is increased in the end.

    The CBT was a heartbreaker, but I'm going to tackle it again if no love this cycle. I'm still on two waitlists and believe it or not, I am still holding my breath. I think I will emotionally let go of this cycle after May 15th passes without contact from them, but in the meantime, like you, I will be laying the foundation for a backup plan and new application cycle. Overall, I have to say that some people said I had no chance at allopathic and I had 2 allopathic interviews. People said go DO, it's "easy" to get into with retakes, etc., yet only 1 DO interview. I'm so thankful to have had 1 interview, let alone 3. This was my first cycle and was a real eye-opener for me. I know if I can do this, you can too. I'm hanging in there with you (and also praying for a miraculous finish)! :) Good luck!

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