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Yet another diversity/adversity thread

Jun 11, 2010
Somewhere west of St. Louis
  1. Non-Student
For Challenge essays about a problem/challenge faced and how you dealt with it: I thought I would talk about how, during the pandemic, I have been living with my partner who has a serious mental disorder. Without insurance, he is unmedicated and not seeing professional help, so most of his support with his condition comes from me. This has been difficult as I am not a professional, but I thought I would talk about how I dealt with it, how I have had to improvise and adapt, and how the good habits I encouraged in him are also ones that I will carry on through medical school and my career

For Adversity and Resilience essays: I had a fear of public speaking that I’ve worked really hard on. While I still get very nervous, it’s something I know how to deal with and work through.

Both good, especially the first one.

For Diversity essays: I developed a love for learning languages throughout college as a way of connecting with more people. I studied Spanish mostly on my own and Portuguese entirely on my own. I then used my Spanish in my volunteering with immigrant and refugee populations and became passionate about continuing to serve these populations, especially in my practice. I thought I could talk about how it has taught me cultural competence (I studied abroad in Spain and have worked with several different patient groups) or tie it into my greater interest in history and art and talk about how my interest in the humanities taught me how science and humanities engage my brain differently and complement each other.

Might work.
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