COVID/diversity/adversity essay help!

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Jul 12, 2022
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It is always helpful to know the prompts and character limits. But if you are trying to mindmap and set up a strategy, read the article.

To your suggestions:
1) Not a real fan of this for some reason. I get what you're trying to say, but the challenge/adversity isn't that well-developed. Didn't you have to study at home anyway because of the pandemic? I don't see how you sought help to allow you to help your parents rationalize. I don't see if it made a GPA crater. Did their discussions make you less involved with the community even after the pandemic? All you're saying is that you improved your communication skills with your family. Is your point to advocate to others about anti-Asian hate being tied to COVID? I assure you the fear was there before the pandemic.

2) Did you write about this in OIE? This is appropriate regarding channeling your adversity to advocacy. Thumbs up.

3) I think it would be nice to talk about this as being something people don't know about you, which could come up in secondary essays or interviews. 2 truths/1 lie or 2 lies/1 truth icebreakers come to mind. But as for it being an essay, I guess "letting go" is a challenge, but you are going back to being in your teens on this, and ideally it would be better to talk about a challenge that is more contemporary that you faced as an independent adult.
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Bumping! Does giving that extra information for (1) helps improve the development/clarity of my COVID-19 experience and how you as a reader view it as a response? If it's not as strong I can always use it for the mandatory COVID-19 prompts and go elsewhere for a challenge/adversity -- your thoughts? Also, would (2) be something that would be appropriate to convey to all schools in some capacity (whether for adversity, diversity, or an "anything else" prompt if it doesn't fit anywhere else)? Thanks! @Mr.Smile12 @LizzyM @Goro @chilly_md @gyngyn @LunaOri
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