You might be a PT student if...

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Dec 15, 2006
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I thought this might be a worth a try for the lulz.

You might be a PT student if...

-You analyze everyone's gait and running mechanics

-You feel like you know some authors like old friends and wonder how they have so many publications (Julie Fritz, Julie Whitman, Josh Cleland, Childs, etc.)

-You can't remember the last time you wrote a paper without having a reference page.

-You scoff at the people in undergrad that say their final schedule is tough

-People always are asking you about their nagging injury

-You don't understand how PT education used to be at the bachelor's level

-The longest word you can spell correctly is dysdiadochokinesia (did reference just to make sure it was spelt right)

-You play with the local chiro clinics that are putting on demonstrations in the community.

That's all I got for now, all are welcome to add what they got.