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Discussion in 'Pathology' started by caffeinegirl, May 4, 2004.

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    I know it's about time we had a thread devoted exclusively to those onscreen path people. Of course, most of them are in forensics...

    I would like to know why CSI glamorizes pipetting. It's no big deal, and it makes your hand hurt if you do it hundreds of times. But, of course, if I were glamorous, had techno music in the background, and a strobe light, it would be aaalll good.

    My fave forensics show right now is Crossing Jordan. At least they really spend time with the body. I know there was a path resident on Resident Life a while back...I think she was on to show the contrast between her life and the surgery resident ;)

    I started with the contemporary shows, but I have a feeling it'll progress to an all Quincy love-fest :love:
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    I haven't actually ever watched CSI or Crossing Jordan. Not a fan of the old crime show genre. Everything on tv these days seems like a crime show.

    My favorite tv pathologist, as I have said before, was Picket Fences' Carter. Little nerdy guy with glasses, kept begging the sheriff to let him go visit crime scenes and find clues. They kept him locked up in the morgue.

    Pipetting is glamorized, isn't it. I've thought about that before. I think part of it comes down to the fact that pipettes are sharp instruments that resemble weapons, which is part of the glamour, since people like weapons.
    Second, they just look pretty sophisticated. You have to be a brilliant mind to be using a pipette. Someone with a pipette automatically becomes an expert, even if they are the person who cleans the pipette. Third, it really plays into the whole "creating real drama" on tv angle. Holding a pipette can accentuate any tiny bit of tremor. Since, on tv, tiny tremor=obvious anxiety, fear, proof that you are wrong, or "this is the most important thing I have ever done," trembling pipettes are used as dramatic cues. thus the tremulous pipette equals ratings bonanza.

    Seriously, look at it. Next time you see a hint of a tremor on a tv character, look at the context.
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    "Actual Autopsy" is on HBO right now, and I'm enjoying it. I guess it's a series?
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    I am a pretty solid "Forensic Files" fan. I love the narrator's attempts to disguise what sounds like a Beantown accent to me.


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