Apr 2, 2010
Medical Student
Hello, I wanted to get some suggestion, I am a US senior student did not match to IM and plan to reapply. I will be graduating in May. After graduation I want to do something preferrably more clinical that will help strengthen my application, i.e show I can be a hardworking resident. I thought about volunteering at free clinic, working with a doctor in a hospital or clinic. Has anyone had an experience with this and can advise?


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May 15, 2008
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Maybe you should do something to try to extend med school for a yearar, such as taking an extra research year or do a 1 year MPH or MBA or something...at the same time you could set up volunteer work. I think it will be easier for you in the Match next year if you still have student status. I think you'll do better if you have youour school behind you, versus twisting in the wind trying to reapply for residency on your own.


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Sep 10, 2007
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I, on the other hand, think the nominal benefit of being a "US Senior" (when it will be clear in ERAS that you failed to secure a position in the last Match cycle) does not outweigh the disadvantage of paying another $40,000 in tuition. Especially for IM.

Does your med school have a student-run free clinic? I would secure a research gig with someone in IM-- someone prolific, no matter their field or subspeciality, so you'll have something on your CV by November-- and see if you can direct, or at least volunteer heavily, at your school's clinic. If your school is in a large city, there are usually a good number of nonprofit clinics around (New York has dozens) where med students are accustomed to volunteering-- see if they'll take you on a quasi-regular basis.