1. L

    Competitive 2017-2018 Dental Applicant?

    Hey guys, I am looking to apply to dental school on June 1st and I feel like I am a fairly good candidate. However, my science GPA is a little lower than I would like and I was wondering if anyone had gotten in with similar stats? Or if anyone has any advice on how to bump up my application for...
  2. HopefulDoc91

    MD Do I have a shot at MD? 3.45 cGPA, 3.22 sGPA, 508 MCAT

    I've been focusing on applying to DO schools, but I was just wondering if it's worth applying to any MD schools. I'm a DE state resident (no instate med school). I have a 3.45 cGPA & 3.22 sGPA; improved MCAT from 496 to 508 (127/129/126/126). I have over 2000+ clinical hours (mostly in...
  3. M

    Confused! post bac or masters for 3.2bcp (CA resident)?

    Ok so here's where my confusion comes from. I will be graduating with a 3.2 bcp and projected 22DAT, from a Top 20 school with an upward trend. If I get my bcp gpa up to a 3.5 with 1 year of post bac classes from a state school is that more than enough to increase my likely hood of getting into...
  4. I

    MD & DO Chances - 3.5cgpa, 3.2sgpa - 07/22/16 MCAT - TX res - ED

    Hello everyone, I would like to see what my chances are. I am applying this cycle, mostly to DO schools and some TX instate MD. A little background: Graduated this May, 2016 from a large tier 1 state university. Major: psych, Minor: biology AACOMAS cgpa: 3.5 sgpa: 3.2 AMCAS cgpa: 3.48 sgpa...
  5. K

    Can I raise my GPA over the next few years?

    I am a "freshman" (I already have enough credit to become a sophomore after this semester), and am currently taking 16 credit hours. If I were to end this semester with a 3.25, what are my chances of getting a 3.6 or higher? I plan on taking the same amount of credit hours next semester, and...