1. Boomer7200

    3.3 GPA Freshman year

    Hey guys, so most likely I'm going to end up with a 3.3-3.4 GPA for freshman year. I started off really bad with not really studying, and the second semester I stepped it up. I've taken Bio 1 and currently taking molecular genetics and have taken both gen chem 1 and 2. Calculus 1 and 2 I've...
  2. C

    3.4cgpa, WAMC w/o postbac?

    Hello everyone, I am currently trying to decide/get advice on what my chances would be if I applied w/o doing a postbac or if I should do one before applying. I know my gpa isn't that ideal....I didn't do to well during first half of college (for several reasons but a huge one was I was...
  3. L

    Competitive 2017-2018 Dental Applicant?

    Hey guys, I am looking to apply to dental school on June 1st and I feel like I am a fairly good candidate. However, my science GPA is a little lower than I would like and I was wondering if anyone had gotten in with similar stats? Or if anyone has any advice on how to bump up my application for...
  4. HopefulDoc91

    MD Do I have a shot at MD? 3.45 cGPA, 3.22 sGPA, 508 MCAT

    I've been focusing on applying to DO schools, but I was just wondering if it's worth applying to any MD schools. I'm a DE state resident (no instate med school). I have a 3.45 cGPA & 3.22 sGPA; improved MCAT from 496 to 508 (127/129/126/126). I have over 2000+ clinical hours (mostly in...
  5. P

    3.4 GPA and 508 MCAT

    Hi, this is my first time posting on the forum so i hope it works out. My cGPA is a 3.402 and an MCAT score of 508 (127/128/128/125) 125 in Psych. I am a student in UCSD (CA), with a Biochemistry and Cell Biology major. I have about 250 hours of clinical experience. Principal member (4...
  6. L

    Should I retake MCAT 3rd time?

    Hello!! I'm currently in a gap year after graduating with a 3.3 cGPA 3.4 sGPA. I took the MCAT in 2015 got a 500. Retake in 2016 507. My study habits were really poor during my last two years because of stress at home and at school (i didn't take any practice tests and didn't bother even...
  7. J

    What are my chances (MD)?

    Hi all. I just graduated from the University of Colorado with a 3.4 in integrative physiology and a Spanish minor. MCAT is 30. I have done two years of volunteering at the local hospital, worked in a medical office last summer, coached high school cross country and track. As far as making myself...
  8. relativetowhat

    3.85 sGPA, 3.4 cGPA 512 MCAT

    Cumulative GPA: 3.4 and Science GPA: 3.85 (my calculations as I am not AMCAS verified yet) I have a strong upward trend after a few less than stellar terms earlier in undergrad (I have strong letters of rec that will address that). MCAT: 512 P/C 128 CARS 125 Bio 129 Psych/Soc 130 Clinical...