1. yuh

    School list help? 3.54cgpa 3.48sgpa 503 MCAT, URM

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Will be applying this cycle, and need help creating a reasonable school list. Any help would be appreciated. 3.54cgpa, 3.48sgpa MCAT - 503 (122:shrug:/127/125/129) FL resident, Black male Bio major in honors program at public FL school Clinical experience...
  2. manofsteel9

    MD 523 MCAT 3.5 sGPA. Need Your Help with School List PLEASE

    Hello SDN, I am an Asian male attending a top-10 university and will be applying to medical schools this coming cycle after graduation. My GPA is not too hot, but I did do pretty well on the MCAT. I am having a hard time creating a list of schools to apply to due to the large discrepancy...
  3. A

    MD & DO Need advice on if I have a chance at any med school. Big step in life!

    Hello guys, I graduated with my bachelors this May. I am a pre-med and I am planning on taking 2 gap years before applying to medical school. But I really want your opinions on if I should apply/if I have even the slightest chance of getting into one. My GPA are as follows: Fall Freshman: 3.771...
  4. I

    MD & DO Chances - 3.5cgpa, 3.2sgpa - 07/22/16 MCAT - TX res - ED

    Hello everyone, I would like to see what my chances are. I am applying this cycle, mostly to DO schools and some TX instate MD. A little background: Graduated this May, 2016 from a large tier 1 state university. Major: psych, Minor: biology AACOMAS cgpa: 3.5 sgpa: 3.2 AMCAS cgpa: 3.48 sgpa...
  5. DarthWaxer

    Wanted: *ANY* USED Surgitel 3.5x+ Prismatic TTL loupes!

    Hello, I am on the lookout for used 3.5x+ power TTL-style prismatic loupes, particularly Surgitel brand. I will consider other brands if the working distance is 20+ inches. I am not picky about angle of declination or interpupillary distance, as I will be re-mounting them to my own specs...