3.7 cgpa

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    What are my chances of being accepted at the following Florida state schools? Seeking some much needed advice!

    Hello all! I am pretty new to SDN and after many days of scrolling through various forums I have been able to gather some very useful information. To start off with here are some of my basic stats: Ethnicity: Haitian (born in Haiti raised in Miami) Class Standing: Senior (graduate in December...
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    3.7/517 - WAMC?

    6. member of an honor society and medical student club 6. plenty of undergrad posters at undergraduate and graduate level, won an award out of 100+ posters, an abstract or two published, no papers 7. about 50 hours hospital volunteering as of application (should I think it terms of hours...
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    3.7cGPA,3.8sGPA,516 MCAT, Huge Upward Trend

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