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    3.7 GPA, 510 MCAT

    Hi, I have 3.7 cGPA, and a 3.6 sGPA with an upward trend (I have gotten 4.0s my last two semesters), and I'm from Pennsylvania (born in Ohio). I majored in Biology with a minor in writing My MCAT is 510 with 127 C/P, 128 CARS, 126 B/B, and 129 P/S. I have volunteered at a children's hospital...
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    3.7cGPA,3.8sGPA,516 MCAT, Huge Upward Trend

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    Gap year or not? 3.7 gpa 3.6 sgpa

    Hi everyone, I cannot decide if I should take a gap year or apply this upcoming cycle in June. I've talked to family and friends and it's only confused me more. Regardless, I'm taking the MCAT in May 19! If I do decent on the MCAT (get a score 510+) should I stick with applying this cycle? Or...