1. jayeyes97

    3.78/505 - WAMC?

    Hi there! Long time lurker. Open to MD and DO schools. Here goes nothin: cGPA 3.78, sGPA 3.50 505, 125/125/126/129 (yikes, I know) NY resident (Long Island specifically if that's important?) Caucasian, F UG private research university, also a co-op school - Health Science Major Clinical...
  2. F

    3.7/517 - WAMC?

    6. member of an honor society and medical student club 6. plenty of undergrad posters at undergraduate and graduate level, won an award out of 100+ posters, an abstract or two published, no papers 7. about 50 hours hospital volunteering as of application (should I think it terms of hours...
  3. G

    MD 3.7 cGPA 3.69 sGPA and 505 MCAT

    I am a hispanic female. I just got my MCAT score back and am extremely discouraged by it. The CARS section got the best of me on the exam. I am still applying this round (i know i should retake the MCAT but i feel confident enough in the rest of my application as i spoke with an admissions rep...
  4. Welshman

    MD Ooo me next! MCAT 515, s/cGPA3.71

    I've been delaying making one of these for some reason.. maybe I'm worried I'm being too optimistic.. s/cGPA: 3.7, top 15% of class if that matters MCAT: 515 (129/127/129/130) State of residence: Florida Ethnicity: Welsh ;) Undergraduate institution: Top 40, the most infamous school for grade...
  5. Y

    3.72 cGPA and 3.74 sGPA, 4 Ws.....

    I have no chance at a school like upenn with 4 Ws right even if my ecs and mcat are good?