1. G

    3.84 512 School List

    3.84/3.8 (GPA/sGPA) 512 (128/127/130/127) PA resident Can provide more info if needed School List: (I think this is too top heavy - any suggestions would be awesome!) Rosalind Franklin Albany Medical Center Drexel George Washington Temple New York Medical College Jefferson Tufts Commonwealth...
  2. BartleDoo

    MD 3.85-3.9 cGPA and sGPA, 511, CA, white - School List Help!

    Thanks for looking at this! 1. 3.85-3.9 cGPA and sGPA, no trend 2. 511 (129 C/P, 125 CARS, 128 B/B, 129 P/S) 3. CA 4. white w/ no disadvantages 5. top public school 6. Clinical: - 1000hrs ED scribe in underserved area (paid) - 40 hours visiting...
  3. SPsnake

    MD Help with school list! 505 MCAT 3.85cGPA

    Hey guys I need help with coming up with a list of schools to apply to this cycle.
  4. D

    MD & DO 3.85 cGPA, 3.79 sGPA, 502MCAT

    3.85 cGPA 3.79 BCPM GPA 502 MCAT: 128/121/125/128 What are my chances? And will need help coming up with a school list, current list below. Should I retake MCAT July 22? Planning on applying Fall 2017 Admissions & looking to submitting AMCAS apps first/second week of June (1-2 weeks). Already...
  5. relativetowhat

    3.85 sGPA, 3.4 cGPA 512 MCAT

    Cumulative GPA: 3.4 and Science GPA: 3.85 (my calculations as I am not AMCAS verified yet) I have a strong upward trend after a few less than stellar terms earlier in undergrad (I have strong letters of rec that will address that). MCAT: 512 P/C 128 CARS 125 Bio 129 Psych/Soc 130 Clinical...