3.84 512 School List

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Nov 8, 2013
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3.84/3.8 (GPA/sGPA)
512 (128/127/130/127)
PA resident

Can provide more info if needed

School List:
(I think this is too top heavy - any suggestions would be awesome!)

Rosalind Franklin
Albany Medical Center
George Washington
New York Medical College
Commonwealth of PA
Penn State
St. Louis
SUNY - Downstate
U Miami
U Michigan
U Pitt
Albert Einstein
Mount Sinai
Washington University St. Louis

Yea, I think I should probably cut down on some of these final ones and/or add more "fit" schools.... Thoughts?

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We need more info on you, EC's mostly, clinical/non clinical volunteering especially
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Definitely need more info around your clinical and non-clinical volunteering experience, shadowing, research, etc.

You’re right that you should consider moshing your list. It’s fine to have reach schools but make sure you stand a fighting chance at the majority. The MSAR is your friend.

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With just these stats Id already say take St Louis and NYU off, 521 MCAT avg, no amount of EC's can balance that.
We need more info on you, EC's mostly, clinical/non clinical volunteering especially
We need more info on you, EC's mostly, clinical/non clinical volunteering especially

Hi, yea sorry for the delay, figured you all would probs want more info. I don't plan to put every single thing here on my app, but I'm curious to see what you all think.

Major: Biology and Philosophy

GPA/sGPA: 3.84/3.79, dean's list (was double checking this, it’s hovering around this general area, fingers crossed this last semester)

MCAT: 512 (128/127/130/127); could re-take, don’t really feel like it/want to risk it

Brigham and Women's Hospital 2014-Present, approx. 275h (possibly up to 300 before I apply) escort patients around hospital to different departments, pre-op, day surgery; complete discharges, transport blood/specimens; occasionally volunteer as a "burn victim" for their nurses/EMTs exams.

Rosies Place 2014-Present, approx. 150h, serve meals to at-risk and homeless women of greater Boston area, distribute groceries/necessities to ladies from food panty, help with random assignments like mailing thank-you letters

Volunteer UPHS, summer 2014 (60h); worked as a general volunteer for their orthopedic trauma ward assisting with random duties (attending patient/family needs, restocking towels/gloves/medicine cart, collecting laundry, transporting equipment, helping staff as needed)

Red Cross Volunteer 2015-2016 50h, welcome blood donors and provide information on blood donation, inform Red Cross staff of any problems (*Had to drop this one because it was really difficult going to all the different Red Cross locations at times that worked with my class schedule - not sure if I'll put it on my app, tbh)

Big Sister Boston, 2014-2015, was a mentor for a pre-teen in the Boston area, program lasted one year, but I don't know how much it'd contribute to my application given that I had stronger commitments at the above programs, not sure if I'll put on my app

Physical Therapy Aide: 6 month, full-time (~880h) paid internship at Whidden Hospital (member of Cambridge Health Alliance) out-patient physical therapy clinic; duties included assisting PTs interface with their patients, escorting patient to the clinic, starting exercise routines with patients, scheduling, upkeep of clinic, opening/closing clinic. This was a very patient heavy/focused internship - I absolutely loved working with them and the PT

Intern: 3 month, full-time (~450h) unpaid internship at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, SA. Got a scholarship through college to do this internship which covered all costs. Essentially worked as a scribe for their Cardiothoracic Surgery department and worked with doctors completing clinical trial research on sternal closure/mitral valve replacement.

-Neonatologist: 4 days; got to see c-sections and ward with doctors/staff
-Pediatrician: 1 day; private practice, saw consultations with new families; business oriented medicine
-Neurologist: ½ day, saw neurological consulatations
-Ortho Surgeon: ½ day; watched ortho surgery, pretty cool
-Medical Oncologist: 1 day; private practice, observed chemo treatment/consults

Student Research (2 semesters) with Prof. at university, no pubs; studied spinal cord regeneration in fish

Intern, UPHS in Philly, 3 months full-time, lab studying neurodegenerative disease; worked for grad student researching tau transmission, participated in journal club, went to meetings, helped breed transgenic mice etc

-Italian Language Class: take adult Italian language class 1x per week for 3 years, love Italian language, incorporating it into my PS
-Bio Club: member for 3 years, social activity with other bio students
-Italian Club: last semester of college, social activity
-Philosophy Club: last semester of college, social activity
-Art: hobby
- Karate/Jiu Jitsu: on and off since high school, love to spar/do martial arts, but it’s expensive to stay at a gym, so haven’t done it in a couple of years; do it for exercise/fun, not competitively

- Worked at Barnes and Noble for one summer, and then my college Barnes and Noble for a semester
- I was also incredibly fortunate to get to solo backpack in Europe during a summer, 3 months, long story

Gap Year:
Looking at med scribe jobs, tutoring, something to fill the time… ideas?