1. djiboutiman

    MD WAMC 3.65c/3.5s/512/CA Resident

  2. G

    3.84 512 School List

    3.84/3.8 (GPA/sGPA) 512 (128/127/130/127) PA resident Can provide more info if needed School List: (I think this is too top heavy - any suggestions would be awesome!) Rosalind Franklin Albany Medical Center Drexel George Washington Temple New York Medical College Jefferson Tufts Commonwealth...
  3. S

    MD 3.965 GPA, Unbalanced 512 MCAT (123 CARS)

    Hello, Title says all about my stats. 3.96-3.97 GPA, 512 MCAT 131/123/130/128 taken somewhere in 7/17 I am a US pre-med, graduated in late 2015. AP credit in 1st semester physics, 1st semester comp, and other (non-pre-med) courses IB credit in biology Activities include/will include: Between...
  4. theNDhopeful44

    Final School List– Suggestions?

    512 MCAT (130/124/128/130) 3.82 GPA 3.80 sGPA I can send you my resume upon request (de-identified, of course) OH resident Rising Tufts senior Ohio State Toledo Wright St. NEOMED Cincinnati CWRU CCLCM Albany Einstein NYMC Cornell Columbia SUNY Upstate Stony Brook Rochester Tufts BU Harvard...
  5. RogueBanana


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  6. relativetowhat

    3.85 sGPA, 3.4 cGPA 512 MCAT

    Cumulative GPA: 3.4 and Science GPA: 3.85 (my calculations as I am not AMCAS verified yet) I have a strong upward trend after a few less than stellar terms earlier in undergrad (I have strong letters of rec that will address that). MCAT: 512 P/C 128 CARS 125 Bio 129 Psych/Soc 130 Clinical...