1. koster35

    Final school list 516, 3.99 GPA

    Hi guys! I asked for help a couple of weeks ago; but I feel that I have my final list narrowed down. I am just looking for approval and/or any last minute suggestions: I am a white male graduate of Brigham Young University in Utah. I have a 516 and 3.99 GPA. I have good EC's with a few years...
  2. M

    Help with narrowing school list, 3.97 and 516 MCAT with 125 CP

    Hey SDN, I am having trouble formulating a school list due to my unbalanced MCAT and my unranked state school undergrad. Money is an issue for me, so I really want to keep my list around 20 or less. Here are my stats: Year in school: Rising senior Biology major, Chemistry and Philosophy minors...
  3. G

    3.7cGPA,3.8sGPA,516 MCAT, Huge Upward Trend

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  4. J

    MD 516MCAT 3.91GPA

    Hello everyone, I would like some opinions on my school list (below). I have been lurking on this forum for several years now, and I am truly grateful for the advice and foresight SDN has provided me. I now plan to apply in June of 2016, and I would like some advice on narrowing and/or...