1. Z

    Question about having attended two schools at the same institution

    Hello everyone, I was in 6-year Pharm D program at Rutgers - New Brunswick for a bit and then took a gap semester Then, transferred to School of Arts and Sciences (biggest school with the most majors) within Rutgers - New Brunswick where I finished my Bachelor's degree recently When I tried to...
  2. B


  3. E

    Confused on DAT application

    Hello all! So from what I understand, the basic process is: obtain DENTPIN; apply for DAT and get approval; then actually schedule DAT date and choose colleges to send scores to. I plan to take my DAT Feb 2018, and applications open June 2018. So what I want to make sure is it is still...
  4. babytomato

    Could I put this on my application?

    I plan to apply to some summer research internship programs during my junior year of college. I also plan on submitting my dental school application the summer after my junior year. If I get the research position but haven't completed the program, could I still mention that on my application?
  5. dentaldreams2021

    creating an AASDAS account for preparation???

    Hi everyone, I'm a current pre-dental student and I'm a junior right now. I'll be applying to schools this June for fall 2017 matriculation. Lately I've been wondering what the application is like and I wanted to take a look at the application just to see what I'll need to do in June and try to...