1. Heist

    Lawsuit Filed against ABPN by 2 psychiatrists

    Lazarou et al v. American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology: COMPLAINT filed by Emily Elizabeth Lazarou, Aafaque Akhter; Jury Demand. Filing fee $ 400, receipt number 0752-15562449.(Curley, C.) It is easier to read the top section that is 35 pages long. They put alot of thought into this. It...
  2. Heist

    ABPN Pilot Child Psych Articles

    Does anyone have the child psych articles for the ABPN Pilot part 3? I am solo pp so it is very hard to get articles without association with any medical journals. Please let me know.
  3. Heist

    ABPN articles for MOC

    Has anyone been reading the articles and answering the questions for MOC? How is it going?
  4. P

    Practice test for ABPN boards

    I was not able to find any threads on this: I'm using beattheboards but it doesn't have a full length practice exam to gauge scoring, just practice sets. Does anyone know where to find or purchase practice exams only that are accurate, as we had for our USMLEs?
  5. D

    Beat the Boards

    Hey! Looking to start a group to get BTB discount. PM or email me if interested [email protected]
  6. M

    PIP for inpatient psychiatrist

    I will need to recertify in psychiatry next year. I am also recertifying in sleep medicine through the American Board of internal medicine (just need to take the test for this one) I have met most of the requirements for psychiatry recert except for taking the test and PIP. Most of the psych...
  7. P

    Qbank for the ABPN neurology board?

    Does anyone swear by a great online question bank for the neurology board? I did some brief online search, and found these three: Neuroprep: 860 questions, $140 for one month. Boardvitals: 1800 questions, $130 for one month. Neuroscalps: 800+ questions, $99 for one month. Anyone has...