1. R

    not listed as author on published conference abstract, but was second-author on poster presentation?

    I worked unpaid on a project for a researcher that came back from maternity leave. I was asked to pick up the work and in return, she would give me authorship. I never heard back, but the abstract was submitted without my name and accepted for a conference. She then presented the poster at the...
  2. T

    Listing Research Abstract on Application

    Hello all! I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out what is fair game for my AMCAs activities. The PI in charge of the research that I assist in submitted an abstract for our project to be orally presented at the ASGSR conference (Oct. 31st - Nov 3rd, 2018). Is this something that I could list...
  3. G

    AMCAS listing abstracts?

    Hi, I was filling out the AMCAS application and was confused on how to list my published abstracts. I have four published abstracts that were presented at an international conference, BUT I was not the presenting author. Additionally, the abstracts have several associated authors (10+), so I am...
  4. Welshman

    National Conference Poster Presentation

    Hey everyone, so I just found out that the abstract from my senior thesis has been accepted for a poster presentation at the NASPGHAN conference in November. THe only problem is that I'm currently living and working in the UK so it would be very hard and expensive for me to get to Las Vegas to...
  5. SciClin

    Abstract vs Manuscript Submission

    Hello, all. I was wondering what the difference between submitting an abstract and submitting a manuscript is. Yes, I know what the two are; however, I am still a bit unsure of the entire process. Being around "basic science" people nearly all of the time, I've only been recently exposed to...