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  2. D

    Avoid Maimonides Surgery program unless you want to be abused. It is a Malignant program.

    I think of myself as a unbiased Ortho resident, not part of surgical program at Maimonides. I'm just speaking up here as there are too many inappropriate things happening in surgical program. I feel really bad for the people in this program. I believe the residents have brought it up to ACGME...
  3. A

    What special considerations do you take into account when treating alcoholics?

    When treating individuals with a history of chronic alcohol abuse, what special considerations do you take into account? Ex. risk of excess bleeding due to lack of vitamin K absorption.
  4. Writedoc213

    Resident abuse?

    Resident abuse is a topic often mentioned on these boards. I am hoping to get a better idea of how often and to what degree it happens. If you feel comfortable sharing your story, please do so. Do you consider yelling or verbal insults to be abusive? Also, what is the best way to handle abuse as...
  5. Virginger

    Misleading Veterinary Match Descriptions (Help please?)

    What happens if you find yourself in a program that does not reflect the description on the match and was not made known during the interview? I am extremely frustrated finding myself in a program that most likely mislead me and my internmates with inaccurate information in order to fill their...
  6. M

    Maimonides Surgery is very abusive and malignant. Avoid it at all costs!

    I read a post at SDN about how Maimonides medical center surgical residency program is abusive to its residents, and how it is so malignant. I wanted to re confirm what that person wrote and add to it. The original posting can be found here: Maimonides Surgery, Malignant Program? To start...
  7. D

    Need advice, should I even apply this cycle?

    Hi guys! So, I've been a lurker for quite some time. I'm in a bit of a dilemma. My decision to do dental was a fairly recent one, and I want to apply this cycle (I'm going to be graduating this spring). I was going to do PA before, but I changed my mind. So, stats: Overall GPA: 3.5 Science...
  8. Dr. Harambe

    It's not burnout; It's abuse!

    who agrees? http://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2016/09/video-makes-case-must-stand-doctors.html While there are certainly factors that you can determine yourself for your personal well-being, I grow frustrated by institutions' attempts to fix systemic problems with finger pointing at individual...
  9. J

    Flying scalpels and the future of health care

    Wow, this op-ed is a compelling read. Are physicians really this abusive to nurses? http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/opinion/oped/bs-ed-nursing-ratios-20160511-story.html