1. chemdoctor


    I will be presenting and am currently in the process of making my poster. I was wondering if there was a specific template to follow? I feel like I've been trying to find one but can't. Really don't want to use my school' template xD Wondering if you guys had a link? Thank you so much!
  2. J

    DAT Study Materials

    These were the materials I used to study for the DAT. $200 for everything (Paypal), if you buy today I'll include my DAT Bootcamp subscription which expires Aug 3rd for free. I may also include access to my OneNote (all of my personal notes) for free if you're interested. Includes: CliffsNotes...
  3. D

    ACS Exam for Organic

    My Organic 2 class is taking the American Chemical Society Organic Chemistry standardized test for our final in a month. Has anyone else taken this exam? How did you study? Any tips?
  4. Mister Significant

    Organic Chemsitry ACS Final 2017

    Hey yall, Wanted some of my pre-med or pre-dental peeps to come out with how they did on the ACS final for Organic Chemistry one. Can't really find any sources saying what scores correspond with what percentiles. One website told me that the 50th percentile was 35/70. I got a 54/70. I think...
  5. Maddox_doc

    Aspirin after ACS

    For how long do we give Aspirin 100mg/day post-ACS? Are we talking days/months/lifelong?:thinking:
  6. M

    Recently graduated residents working in P/NICU

    Good Afternoon Everyone! Just curious if these positions still exist. At my residency hospital the PICU has several recently graduated residents who worked at mid-level providers along with NPs. I interested in applying for these positions during a 1-3 year break I am interested in taking from...
  7. J

    ACS Organic Chemistry Final Score Question

    I need to get a 53% on the final to keep the grade I have. My professor said that 41/70 is a 78%, since that is the national average. Can anyone tell me what number (out of 70) would constitute a 53%? I really don't know much about this exam, and the percentiles / grading system, since my...
  8. E

    2012 ACS EXAM orgo 1 and 2

    Has anyone taken the new 2012 ACS organic chemistry first term exam, how does it compare to the ACS study guide? How should I prepare, and any advice?
  9. Twinssk

    Can I still pass?

    I currently have a 76 in Organic 1, and my final is the ACS. I have gone through the entire book and did the problems, but I tend to freak out before finals. My professor never taught towards the ACS, she did her own thing. How likely is it to pass that exam? And is the national curve usually a...