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  1. M

    what are my chances for canadian degree completion program (2 year dds)

    BDS and MDS (periodontics) degrees from one of the top 5 colleges in India CGPA- 3.0 (class rank 4th) IELTS score- 7.5 overall clinical experience- 1 year in India publications- 2 (indexed journals) conferences- 4 national (2 papers and 2 posters presented) completed a clinical study for thesis...
  2. V

    Advanced Standing Dental Program (International) - Interview / Bench Tests - 2019-2021

    Hi All, I have submitted for few universities / colleges Advanced Standing Dental Program(s) or International Dental Program(s) during May 2018 and June 2018. I would like to know what are the tentative dates for Interview or Bench Tests. Appreciate any information around next steps like...
  3. T

    Transfering to another Medical School

    I've been accepted to an OOS school and waitlisted at a few other oos schools but am now having second thoughts looking at the tuition after spending so much money on applications and my family going through some additional financial hardship. The tuition at my state schools are ridiculously so...
  4. pikaboo

    Does my BDS GPA matter?

    I am a Canadian who is studying at an Egyptian (British-curriculum based) dental school, I am done Part 1 NBDE and has a good score. My school isn't very fair in their marking of exams and has caused many issues for my friends. I was wondering does my GPA in the BDS matter in the application for...
  5. bernas

    Dental Hygienist-FTD???

    Hi everyone, I am really confused. Earn money quickly or be patient and focus to be a dentist??? What do you think about completing a relatively inexpensive 2 years-Dental Hygiene Program as a ftd? Is it wasting time? I am pleased that you share your experiences. Thank you.
  6. bernas

    Step by Step DMD Degree???

    Hi, I am a new resident in NJ. I am a ftd. It is difficult to understand some points by searching online. I want to work in USA as general practitioner. I don't know where to start? Could someone please tell me the process simplifying?
  7. L

    Bench Test Prep Courses

    Hello, Please share any bench test prep courses that you know of in the US. I am trying to find a 10-30 days of course that would cover most of the basic tasks (Class II amalgam and crown prep) assigned in a bench test exam. Thanks.
  8. B

    Ways to improve your resume/profile for DDS

    Thought I'd create this thread for international dentists looking for volunteers opportunities in the US. Or volunteer opportunities that would help add to their resume as substantial work. Any help would be appreciated. I'm looking for opportunities in the state of NJ/NY
  9. B

    Comprehensive Info For Advanced Standing Admission!

    Hi guys! I've created this website last week which i'm trying to spread the word about! www.internationalDMD.com Please check it out and let me know what you guys think I should add! Feel free to message with any questions/concerns/suggestions! Thanks!!
  10. D

    DDS 2015-16

    What are the best places to look for community service in usa by international dentist. ? also those applying to dental schools, kindly share the stats please.