1. Dipraman

    ABA Advanced 2023

    That time of the year again. Good luck to everyone taking it this weekend!
  2. A

    Question on strategies for ranking both categorical and advanced programs

    Hi everyone! I'm an MS4 applying to anesthesia programs and had a question about how the rank list works. I've heard TY and prelim years are getting more and more competitive. So my question is, if I match into an advanced spot but fail to match into a PGY1 spot, will my rank list just move...
  3. H

    Urgent: Surgery Prelim Chances - Failed step 2ck - Cat vs. Adv

  4. 3

    Perio Residencies with lots of funding? Advanced techniques?

    Which perio residency programs come to mind when you think of a program doing lots of exciting new procedures or more advanced techniques? Things like AOO/Wilckodontics? Other exciting stuff that maybe wouldn't be in the normal realm of most perio programs. I am a D3 looking at externships in...
  5. D

    Anesthesia SOAP advanced vs wait for physician only (R) Spot

    Hi all, Recently I found out that I did not match into ophthalmology. I am now looking towards anesthesiology. This isn't the worst thing ever, as I was having some regrets about ophthalmology even during the interview process. I have taken the anesthesiology rotation and have given anesthesia...
  6. V

    Position Wanted PGY-2 or R1

    Hi, I matched intro IM Prelim this year and I'm looking for any PGY-2 in IM or R1 seat for the next year. I have green card and I have no geographic preference. I have decent scores. Please let me know if there is any seat available. Thanks.
  7. C

    Partially matched Help

    Hello all, I got matched to an anesthesiology advanced program. I could not get a match to preliminary position. I tried during soap but did not even get a call (I am and IMG). Since then I have been trying to call all programs and email them. Most of them do not revert, some do and mention...
  8. Tdinker

    Position Wanted Matched Prelim, Looking for Advanced PMR PGY-2 (2017)

    Matched to a Prelim program, looking for an advanced PM&R program starting in 2017.
  9. Y

    Academic Enhancer Program - GeorgeSquared Advanced Biomedical Sciences Certificate

    Hi everyone! I currently work as one of the Supplemental Faculty for this year with the GeorgeSquared Advanced Biomedical Sciences Certificate Program. We wanted to make a post/thread on here to give information about our program and answer any questions about the program if anyone was...