1. B

    Accreditation dyploma in Canada

    Hello everyone , I hope all of you staying safe at this hard time. I’m graduating dental faculty this year , and I want move to Canada . 1) Do I need residency for 2 years or I just need dyploma? 2) what material you was studying when you prepare for AFK exam and where I can take it? 3) Do I...
  2. N

    Looking for a study buddy in Toronto/Richmond Hill/Northyork?

    Helloo, I’m just starting to prepare for the AFK exam February 2020. I live in Richmond Hill, ON. Txt or email me if you also need a study partner/group! [email protected] 6472835090
  3. DrFALI

    2020 AFK GTA Prep

    Hello, I'm looking into forming a serious study group for the 2020 AFK exams. Let know know if anyone in the GTA is interested. For both Feb and Aug
  4. radmikeli

    Study and resource material for AFK, ADC and NBDE

    Hi there, as I'm preparing for 2018 afk test I've collected some study and resource material. Beside these in my searching for information about ADC some nice colleague shared with me study material for ADC. I don't claim that I've got everthing that there is to get, but I've tried. :) Since...
  5. radmikeli

    AFK 2018 exchange of info, resources and everything else

    Hi to all AFK enthusiasts, I'm starting with my preparation for the AFK exam and gathering all the info and study material that I can get my hands on. Since I'm in a situation that I've finished my education more than 8 years ago and, consequently, forgot all the small print and details...
  6. R

    Question about the AFK ..plz help!!

    Hi everyone, I'm planing to take the AFK exam the problem is i cant provide my academic record (transcript) to the NDEB as my collage is not issuing this document currently so, would i be still be able to do the exam without providing it? Thanks
  7. L

    NDEB AFK Result, Would you recommend rescore

    Hi, I just recently moved to Canada and got to attempt AFK. I have received score of 74% and passing score is 75%. Does anyone have experience with request for manual rescoring? Any recommendation on manual rescoring.
  8. S

    AFK 2017 Vancouver study group

    I will be in Vancouver in January 2017 and I plan to do lots of questions as practice for the feb 4th exam at UBC. I have lots of them and I did some but I plan to do them full time in January. I am also coursing through the released AFK questions from the Canadian web site. So if anyone is...
  9. S

    AFK Feb 2017 Prep Released Questions

    Is anyone working on the released questions from Ndeb Canada?
  10. N

    Brampton-study partner-AFK

    Need a study partner for afk who can come to brampton public lib in chinguacousy branch. Anyone interested? Prep for feb 2017
  11. N

    Study partner for AFK 2017 in vancouver

    Hi~Is there anyone preparing AFK 2017 in Vancouver? Currently I live in Burnaby~ Plz contact me and we can help each [email protected]