1. E

    Can an MD Direct Commission without completing residency?

    Hi everyone, Can an MD Direct Commission without completing residency? My partner is Army and has advised me to look into applying for both the Army and the Air Force for potential Direct Commission. We have spoken to a couple recruiters but they haven't seemed to know much about the process for...
  2. Brebre5564

    PreMed while in the military

    Hello everyone, I’m currently in the Airforce and I separate 2022. I know for a fact, I want to become a doctor and go to medical school afterwards. I’m currently getting my bachelors degree in psychology, which is all online which is amazing. But my biggest problem taking my science classes...
  3. T

    Navy reserves then MD

    Good afternoon everybody! My name is Ivan I am a senior graduating from University of Central Florida this December with a biomedical science degree my goal is to become a MD/DO. I wanted to ask for your opinions; I am planning after graduation joining the Navy reserves or Air Force, and while...
  4. A

    HPSP timeline question

    Hey all, So I applied for the Airforce HPSP and was offered the scholarship prior to having my background check completed and some other items. It has been about three weeks since I signed a form confirming my intent to accept the scholarship and have not received any word from my recruiter and...
  5. Catfish-Cupcake

    Brigadier Surgeon Questions

    Hello Milmed, Incoming M1 here- currently working on both AF (3-year) and Army (4-year) HPSP scholarships. I have been researching both of these scholarships and the fine print associated with both. I have decided I would be okay with becoming a flight surgeon in the AF, but I can't find very...
  6. R

    HPSP Airforce Pharmacy 2017

    Hey guys, today was the day I was 'supposed' to find out about the scholarship decision. Was wondering if there was anyone else out there who applied as well as if/when they have/will hear back. I am a 3rd year at UGA and really hoping this works out for me! (also, I guess I would consider this...