1. R

    Albany Medical College Housing

    Hello! I am a current medical student at Albany Medical College looking for one female roommate. The apartment is a 2bed/2bath, so you would get your own bathroom and bedroom. Appliances are all new, laundry/dryer in the unit, dishwasher, the apartment complex has its own gym, study lounge...
  2. BeerHelpsMeStudy

    NYMC vs Albany

    OOS for both. CT resident. Seemingly similar prestige/rank. Pros for NYMC -Match list, feels overall like a "better fit", has SLP masters program (girlfriend interested in), close to home (only 45 mins away from home - very important), on campus housing, close to Manhattan, connection with...
  3. BeerHelpsMeStudy

    Chances, 3.68/512, reapplicant

  4. I

    My experience with the MD schools I applied to, for you future applicants

    Note: I did not get into any MD schools, so I am a bit sour about that, but I will try my best to provide facts about my experience, so you all can benefit for my experience. UCDavis: My stats were too low for this school, so if your stats are okay and fit their pathway, go ahead and apply...
  5. RphCat

    Albany College of Pharmacy

    Hi folks! I couldn't find a recent thread for the Albany College of Pharmacy in NY/VT. Anyone have any info on this school or plan on applying/already applied?