1. R

    SA Rotating Internships - NY/NJ/CT, OR/WA/CA

    I'm a current third year making my clinical schedule right now. I have two blocks in which I want to do externships at sites where I would like to make a good impression for the match. However, the most important aspect of an internship for me is not something that can be found on the VIRMP...
  2. P

    Internship at AMC?

    There are some old threads on this but I haven't been able to find anything recent. I know it is super competitive so I'm wondering if anyone who has matched at AMC could share some of their stats/advice on matching there. Did you do a 4th year externship rotation there before matching? did you...
  3. E

    NYMC vs. AMC

    I would love some advice here.... I currently need to decide between New York Medical College and Albany Medical College. Any thoughts/advice? I like that AMC is a part of a large medical center, although the old facilities and less than stellar interview day concern me. NYMC seems to do a...
  4. R

    Australian Medical Council Exam prep

    Hi there, I just graduated from a UK uni with an MBBS. Long story short, can't get FY1 and I'm an australian PR so i'm now here preparing for AMC MCQ. Exam is in a month and though everyone says oh you need 6 to 12 months, considering that I just finished my final exams I went ahead and signed...
  5. P

    Do I need to repeat my internship?

    I am an Australian citizen that is currently studying medicine in Turkey. My final year will be a paid internship in EM, Paeds, IM, Surgery, and OBGyn before I can get my diploma. If I decide to come back to Australia and take the standard pathway would I have to redo an internship for the ' 12...
  6. Mountainman12

    MEDNAX buy out--stay or go

    My group is being bought out by an AMC. They offered me about 1/3 the buy out the partners get (more like 1/4th after taxes) if I sign a five year contract. I've worked with the group for almost a year. Do I stay or run like hell? I have no strong ties to the geographic location.
  7. KoaKoa7

    AMC Externship

    Hi! I was hoping to do an externship on the neurology service at AMC in New York next fall (2016). Has anyone had an experience there that they could share with me? Also, how far in advance do I have to submit dates in order to get housing? The way the scheduling works right now, I may not know...