amcas verification

  1. F

    AMCAS app additions after verification

    Can you add experiences and edit your personal essay after you've submitted your app? Are letters of eval the only thing you can add after verification? All of my transcripts are in so I want to start the verification process but I haven't completed my experiences section or finalized my essay...
  2. S

    Not Verified Yet

    Submitted 6/23 but have not been verified yet. Should I be worried? Am I basically screwed since everyone is already getting secondaries HELP
  3. DJBroca

    Changing Letter Packet Author in AMCAS after Submitting Primary

    Hello pre-medonnas, I recently submitted my primary application through AMCAS and discovered that the reason it did not get verified was due a LOC error. I need to change the author of my letter packet but I cannot find an option to do so after I have already submitted my primary. Any tips so I...
  4. Andante12

    Transcript grades not reflected

    I just checked over my recently-verified primary application, and it says the grades I indicated for my final semester weren't reflected on the transcript they received (the ACMAS grade is left blank). This might have been because my institution sent out my transcript before all my grades were...
  5. P

    How often does an AMCAS fail verification, and how bad is this?

    Your AMCAS Primary Application can fail verification and be refused for various reasons. For instance, if you requested a Transcript Exemption but they deny it, or if they need to change the categorization on more than 10 courses in your Coursework section. 1. How often do AMCAS Primary...