1. doublemintgum

    Second OPT after completing med school

    Has anyone used OPT once for their master’s program and applied for OPT again after medical school? Since DO is categorized as “doctorate” level study on the I20, isn’t it a level higher than masters degree?
  2. U

    Position Wanted American MD matched into a TY year looking for ADV Anesthesia starting 2020

    American MD grad matched into a Transitional Year Program for 2019, looking for an advanced anesthesiology position to start in 2020
  3. phospho

    Residency in Israel for AMGs w/ completed USMLEs but no U.S. residency

    Surprisingly, there is pretty much nothing of value here on SDN in regards to this topic. I just spent the last hour utilizing the search function and I just wasted my time with threads talking about the weather in Israel, talking about politics, living, the language, etc... can we perhaps talk...
  4. dillonkor

    Green card + job after residency

    Dear Colleagues, I am a foreign national, who is an AMG on an H1b visa with a couple years left in my average anesthesia residency program in the northeast. My goal is to focus more on my family after the training, so I would like to explore my options to get a job and obtain the green card...
  5. F

    Advice on university choice

    Just to give some background: I'm an american citizen, who is currently attending an international MD program in Europe. I have not completed an undergraduate degree. I am doing a 6 year program, and at the end I will hold a MD. I was told by someone who works in residency matchups that I...
  6. Dr. Bruce Banner

    Canadian citizens in US medical school

    I am a 3rd year medical student in a US medical school. I am a Canadian citizen. I am hoping this thread can bring other medical students who are on the same boat as me to come here and discuss our plans with regards to applying to residency, either for J1 or H1B. It'd be awesome for people who...
  7. iamironman

    CS partner in Houston needed (AMG only)

    I am taking my CS on Feb 28, 2017. Anybody in Houston want to prepare live at kaplan center or on skype please reply. We can make up the solid plan together. Thanks.
  8. R

    How US schools relate to Mexican schools

    Hi, I'm a medical student from one of the top 5 schools in Mexico, according to the 2016 ENARM report (mexican residency exam). I'm an american and I'm planning on doing my steps to later seek for a spot in the MATCH. I'd like to know someones thoughts on competing as an IMG (hopefully) VS AMG...
  9. SerenityFm

    Step 1 Female study partner to revise First Aid est

    Hi I am looking for a very dedicated, reliable consistent female study partner to study and read First aid together . We can study via Skype I am in usa EST time Prefer to study 3-4 hours reading n discussing first aid 16 ... Someone driven motivated and active to study everyday Please...
  10. D

    International Student Guide to matching as an American Medical Grad (AMG)

    International Student Guide: First of all, I would like to congratulate you on getting into medical school! As an international student at an American medical school, you compose a very select few. That said, the road you will have to fare is slightly different than many of your classmates’. I...