1. H

    Anesthesia elective

    Can you please help me find an elective/clerkship in Anesthesia. I still didn't apply for a program as most universities require Step1 scores or do not accept international visiting students. If you know any program please let me know
  2. L

    Anesthesia Advice

    Hi! US MD M3 here, quickly approaching the time to finalize my specialty choice. I am pretty set on anesthesia. However, my institution (state school) does not have an anesthesiology residency , and it has been extremely hard to find an advisor within the field. I’m just looking for direction /...
  3. W

    TOP Anesthesia Programs, Suggestions and Tips, HELP!

    Hello, everyone. I am a third-year medical student interested in anesthesiology. I would like to go to one of the top anesthesia programs in California (top), though I will probably apply to all the programs in the west and east coasts. I am currently attending a mid-tier medical school on the...
  4. C

    What career should I choose

    Hey guys I'm a senior in high school who has been pretty set on becoming a Nurse Anesthetist but I'm having second thoughts. I'm just thinking that since it is going to be a doctorate degree by the time I'm in CRNA school that I should just do pre-med or pre-dental rather than nursing. There are...
  5. Drangue

    Mt. Sinai in Chicago - Anesthesia

    I am interested in doing a rotation at Mt. Sinai and was curious if anyone had any input on the hospital there and specifically the anethesia rotation. How is the hospital and for those who know anything about the anesthesia clerkship how is that?
  6. biDOC

    FDA Concerns over TIRF-REMS and Rethinking Access Program

    *TIRF-REMS = Transmucosal Immediate Release Fentanyl - Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy ^Patient, Provider, and Pharmacy is required to register with TIRF-REMS Access Program (e.g. Abstral, Actiq, Fentora, Lazanda, Onsolis, Subsys) FDA rethinking TIRF-REMS* after nationally renowned...
  7. A

    Pre-Nursing to CRNA Help PLZ?!

    Am currently working on my Pre-Nursing at Community Collage (is Pre-Nursing degree called?) If I get into an bsn program by fall 2018 and goes full-time do you think I will make it to crna (MSN) before they change it to DNP requirement to get my CRNA license? Am currently having 2.8 GPA with 9C...
  8. W

    Best book for intern year (baby miller vs the new baby barash)

    I am trying to pick a first book to read during intern year. I am looking for a good basic book that is easy to read. I want something that will be good preparation for the ITE and give me a head start going in to CA1 year. From reading other threads it looks like baby miller might fit that...
  9. CuriousBastard01

    Pain Management - Hospital vs Private Practice

    I would like to get some opinions here. I am at the point where I am starting to think about my specialty. I do believe I am competitive enough to match into good residency programs. I am thinking about orthopaedic surgery , rads and anesthesiology ( then go into pain management). Ortho is...