angle ranking

  1. PATCrusher

    DAT PAT Crusher

    Forth of July Discount code on PATCrusher.com Use coupon code: july4 50 Percent off all plans. Includes 10+ Practice exams, Unlimited Questions and generators for all six sections. Our students score above the national average and we guarantee it with our Higher Score Guarantee. Try Out...
  2. F

    PAT Help

    Hi guys! I cant seem to wrap my head around: Angle ranking Pattern Folding TFE I took 2 tests and my timing was perfect, but I simply am hit or miss with angle ranking, I'll either get 12-13/15 or 6/15 and lately its been on the lower end of the spectrum. For TFE, my hardest thing to...
  3. T

    Kaplan Angle ranking

    Hello all! I've been trying to improve PAT score. Have been practicing with BC PAT and decided to do some angle ranking questions from their book. I got all 15 questions right from the Kaplan book. They were a lot easier than BC. Is that more realistic to the actual DÅT? Thanks
  4. thebadkabob

    PAT Angle Ranking Strategy – Will this work on the actual DAT?

    Hi guys, after weeks of struggling with the Angle ranking section and I've been trying to come up with new strategies. *These may or may not have been already talked about, but here you go in case you've never heard of them* This only works if the actual DAT has similar problems. (all...
  5. A

    DAT PAT sections VS Bootcamp

    Hey guys, I have my DAT in about 4 weeks and I have a question from people who have recently completed the DAT. For the PAT section, I have been primarily using Bootcamp, as I have heard it is the most "representative" software. In your opinion, how do individual sections on Bootcamp compare...
  6. rasmussen5357

    Angle Ranking Technique

    Hello everyone, I have been lurking here for a few weeks and decided to share my technique for distinguishing some of the more difficult angle ranking problems. For acute angles where the hill or laptop won't suffice, I attempt to imagine the angles as a grappling hook of sorts. Envision...
  7. Engineering&Dental

    Free iPhone App for Angle Ranking

    https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dat-angle/id1114175055?mt=8 Hi guys, an app I've been working on to help study for the Angle Ranking portion of the DAT just went live on the App Store. It's free. I decided to create some affordable apps after seeing how expensive is it to get prep material...